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List of websites relating to Women's Issues such as Sex Trafficking from the Beverly Lahaye Institute. Get involved in these important causes.

United Methodist News
A new book release that will bless you and your small group. "Fifty-Two Sundays" by Ruth Baird Shaw. It is a collection of sermons that "speak to your hearts and challenge your mind."

Christian Women Today
An article on the heart cries of women in our pews and why women's ministry is so important.

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The office and ministry of the RENEW Network will by moving back under the umbrella of Good News. This is an exciting time of new opportunities for this organization. Click here for details.

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The RENEW Network, formerly the Evangelical Coalition for United Methodist Women (ECUMW), was formed in 1989 as a network for evangelical women within the United Methodist Church.  RENEW is the women's program arm of the Good News organization.  The forerunner of RENEW was the Good News Women's Taskforce which existed for many years prior to our formation to address issues relating to women within the UMC.  Good News, founded in 1967, is the forum for Scriptural Christianity within the UMC.  The President of RENEW from 1989-2008 was Mrs. Faye Short and the President of Good News from 1967-Present is Dr. James Heidinger II.
In the November/December 2008 issue of Good News Magazine, the magazine for United Methodist Renewal, carried two articles that sum up the history and ministry of the RENEW Network.  One was Faye Short's farewell column and the other was an editorial from Dr. Heidinger about the ministry of RENEW and its contribution to the renewal movement.  These two articles are featured below.

A Bittersweet Goodbye by Faye Short
Appreciation for a Remarkable Ministry by Dr. James Heidinger II

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