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List of websites relating to Women's Issues such as Sex Trafficking from the Beverly Lahaye Institute. Get involved in these important causes.

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A new book release that will bless you and your small group. "Fifty-Two Sundays" by Ruth Baird Shaw. It is a collection of sermons that "speak to your hearts and challenge your mind."

Christian Women Today
An article on the heart cries of women in our pews and why women's ministry is so important.

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The office and ministry of the RENEW Network will by moving back under the umbrella of Good News. This is an exciting time of new opportunities for this organization. Click here for details.

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NEW! Two Important new Books Released

Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy,has meticulously researched and laid out for the reader Methodist pronouncements and policies on issues beginning with the election of the first Methodist president of the century, William McKinley, to the election of George W. Bush, the second Methodist president of the century. He allows the players to speak for themselves on prohibition, war, abortion, marriage and many other issues. As a chronicle of Methodist political positions, this book will fascinate, encourage and frustrate the reader, depending upon his or her own views, but never bore. Hard Cover, 406 pages.

May be purchased at Bristol House, Ltd.

Read a review of this important book HERE.

Rev. Karen Booth, Executive Director of Transforming Congregations, has written a groundbreaking book on United Methodism's compromise with the sexual revolution.  It provides a thorough analysis of the cultural, theological, political, and moral elements involved in this controversial issue that has created enormous division within United Methodism.  How did we get to this point? How should we proceed in the future?  A timely book as we approach General Conference 2012. This book will be released in April 2012 and can be puchased at Bristol House, Ltd.  (www.bristolhouseltd.com)

Advance Praises for this book:

Karen Booth has written the most important book I have seen to help one understand how value-neutral sexual ethics found a home in United Methodism and how it has polluted our moral teaching. With careful research and admirable candor, the author examines Kinsey's fraudulent sexual research and follows its tragic impact on United Methodism's teaching and practice. Writing always with compassion, the author wisely cautions against the attractive "third way" compromise on homosexuality. I seldom think a book is a must read. Without question, this one is. -- James V. Heidinger II, President and Publisher, emeritus of Good News.

Karen Booth's Forgetting How to Blushtells the story of the advancement of the sexual revolution in both the culture and the church from the perspective of one who adheres to the historic and transcultural Christian tradition regarding human sexuality. Anyone who wishes to understand all sides of the debate about sexuality in the church should read the story told in this book. This well-researched book is an invitation to critically reflect upon the theological presuppositions that have guided the effort to change the church´┐Żs moral teaching and pastoral direction about sexuality. -- Timothy W. Whitaker, Florida Area Resident Bishop

archive articles of interest

Walking With Wesley in Savannah (7/10/2010)
An article about the spiritual battle of Christ Church (a former Episcopal Church in Savannah, Ga. that parted from the denomination over theological differences that have caused schism within the Episcopal Church).  Christ Church has deep roots in Methodism, as it was the first appointment of John Wesley when he arrived to the new colony of Georgia.  The story of Christ Church has much to teach us as United Methodists as we face many of the same challenges within our own denomination.  The RENEW Steering Committee held their first steering committee of the year at the Planters Inn, the site of John Wesley's first parsonage.  It was a wonderful weekend of discernment, worship, and fellowship with the leadership of RENEW and some of the members of Christ Church.  Read the report HERE.

Follow-Up (March 2012):  Christ Church lost their appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court this past year, but have filed papers to have the case reviewed by the Supreme Court of the United States. We will keep you updated on this important case.


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An independent news organization, The United Methodist Reporter, publishes stories on the web through their website, The United Methodist Portal:

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