Mission Outreach News
List of websites relating to Women's Issues such as Sex Trafficking from the Beverly Lahaye Institute. Get involved in these important causes.

United Methodist News
A new book release that will bless you and your small group. "Fifty-Two Sundays" by Ruth Baird Shaw. It is a collection of sermons that "speak to your hearts and challenge your mind."

Christian Women Today
An article on the heart cries of women in our pews and why women's ministry is so important.

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Press Releases
The office and ministry of the RENEW Network will by moving back under the umbrella of Good News. This is an exciting time of new opportunities for this organization. Click here for details.

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Who Are We?

RENEW is a network for evangelical women within the United Methodist Church.  We are affiliated with the Good News organization, a forum for scriptural Christianity within the United Methodist Church.  Our members come from all areas of the country and serve their local churches either in United Methodist Women or other women's ministry programs. 

RENEW provides support and supplemental program resources for our network members and maintains an interactive website for women of the church.  We also offer workshops and seminars on the formation of transformative women's ministry programs.

RENEW is also a voice for renewal and reform of the Women's Division, the governing body of United Methodist Women.  We do this by reviewing resources, reporting on Division board meetings and events, examining program and policy directions, and evaluating spending patterns.  We also lobby the General Conference of the United Methodist Church to officially recognize supplemental women's ministry programs across the church.

RENEW uplifts a biblical worldview in our homes, churches, communities, and society.  While we believe that God's Word is relevant to every age, we do not believe that every age is called to reinterpret God's Word.  RENEW believes that the transforming power of the Christian gospel remains relevant and the truth revealed in the Bible is unchanging.

The ministry of RENEW offers an alternative to women within the United Methodist Church who desire to seek, share, and serve Jesus Christ.  RENEW has played a pivotal role in ministering to women across the church and calling for renewal and accountability of the Women's Division.  Presently, we are embarking on a new phase of ministry that will focus on building women's ministry within the church and reaching out to the women who yearn for other avenues of women's ministry and desire to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ.

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